Quarantine guy

This series of self-portraits was taken during the Pandemic in 2020 when I was staying in self-isolation. This is sort of comic about a man with a bandaged nose, because masks are not sold in pharmacies, and since any mask is now mandatory – he forced to  wear a medical bandage on his nose.

Recently, my hero no longer throws chairs and generally becomes more and more gloomy day by day. Once he was a funny guy, used to do sport at home but it seems that he no longer has any tricks: he read all the books, tried to make art, finally drank all the alcohol and now he lies in a corpse pose and waits for the end of the quarantine. He’s just as tired of it as I am. Sometimes he goes to the window and solves simple math problems.


Every minute 6-7 ambulances pass along highway in different directions. From point A to point B. How many cars pass per day?