Karaoke staff

Karaoke in Vietnam has come into fashion 15 years and now it’s essential part of Vietnamese society. Nowadays buildings with a sign «KARAOKE» can been seen everywhere, even in  tiny towns, where population 1000 people a few karaokes could be found. In big cities such as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh numbers of karaokes estimated in thousands.

The karaoke in Vietnam looks like a five or even higher store building with rooms inside. Rooms can be from 5 sq. meters to 100 sq. meters. The price varies from 50 cents to 100$ per hour. Every each karaoke has its own design. There is a fierce competition between the owners. Managers of karaoke often reluctantly let me take pictures of rooms being afraid that I could steal their design, especially from the expensive ones.  A great deal of money has been spent to make rooms look incomparably beautiful.

I have seen rooms  that can accommodate hundred people. Even weddings are celebrated in karaoke.

Facades of building are glowing with neon lights to attract customers. It’s really hard to pass by KARAOKE without noticing a building. It stands out from the rest residential buildings by shining for one hundred meters away. It works as a giant magnet.

Vietnamese language has a considerable large numbers of vowels. Probably for this reason to sing for Vietnamese as natural as to speak. Everybody is able to sing here. They really enjoy singing, they go singing even during the lunchtime being absolutely sober

To run karaoke business it’s a dream for many young people. After hard working day, after having lessons Vietnamese goes to karaoke. They go singing after meeting with friends, colleges, weddings, birthdays and even funerals. In other words any party ends up in karaoke. There is even a saying exists  “A party without karaoke is not a party”.