Safety cards

A few years ago I started to be afraid of flying. Еvery time on a plane I look at the safety instructions and It scares me the most. In fact, there are many safety instructions all of them describe a world riddled with threats and give advice on what to do if something goes wrong.

I started taking pictures of myself and my wife who I was staying with at home over 60 days in isolation due to Pandemic. I have realized that I do not control anything just like on a plane, my life became unpredictable. The only thing I could do is to plan a shooting and therefore to stay sane. 

My pictures have nothing to do with survival recommendations they only illustrate the fact that I don’t have any answers to any question and I live in a world of complete uncertainty. My performances do not prove or disprove anything, they are just illustrations taken out of context, with no result or reason. These are just actions from inaction.

26 pics