Safety cards

My wife and I have been staying at home most of the time since March 2020. We hardly go out.
Our apartment is the only safe place. This is a story how fear and uncertainty have become our constant companions.

It all started when I developed a fear of flying by examining safety instructions on a plane.
After that I found out there are many different guides that give recommendations on what to do if something happens. In this world of instructions, everything always goes wrong: robbers break into your house, your house is destroyed by an earthquake, an airplane falls into the water… — in this world, danger lurks around every corner.
This is a terrible place where you always have to stay vigilant: do not sit in restaurants close to the exit, do not move if you are injured, be sure to lock the front door and so on.
In this world, you must know the necessary things to survive: before you eat a fruit, you need to wash it, and if you accidentally find yourself in a crowd, you need to get out of it at any cost.

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