Body care

I was born with a big wide nose and around the age of twelve I started to be ashamed of it. I even tried to save money to have a plastic surgery. When I was around 23 years old I reconciled with myself and stopped saving money for that. 

Nowadays there are clothespins for the nose. It is assumed that if you wear them the nose becomes thinner. Now I’m 36 years old and I finally decided to try a variety of modern devices and procedures, except for surgery that is, to see whether they can somehow improve my appearance.

In fact, wearing certain masks to adjust the shape of the face or clothespins reducing the nose turned out to be a real self-torture and I personally didn’t see any significant change. There is no evidence that this cream/mask actually work. The result of some body care treatments are promised only if they are regularly used for several years or even a lifetime.

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