Country fashion

This is a small, ordinary Russian city which situated on the river Don. The population is 20 000 people. There are 4 schools, one cinema that demonstrates movies from the previous year and one recreation centre.

There is no job to be found. Only a few occupations are available in Kalach na Donu. You can be either a cleaning woman or a saleswoman. There is one shopping mall where only unknown labels can be found that produced either in Turkey or in China. The most expensive dress is priced at 40$. The average salary in Kalach is 100$ a month. In fact 100$ this is an average salary in any Russian small city.

I used to spend my summer holidays in Kalach na Donu when I was a child. Nowadays I only visit my parents ones a year for Christmas time. Nothing connects me with this city except for mother and father and I don’t know when the next time I come to see my parents I wouldn’t spend a day in Kalach if it not for them.

Most of the residents of Kalach have never been to anywhere but this city. Young men if they didn’t leave this city to find a job in other places start drinking a lot and live off their parents. Other youth are trying to escape this city at any cost. Girls get pregnant at a very young age and most of them are single mothers.Their future is bleak.

Most of the  people live on fish in Kalach but fish is getting hard to catch. Nevertheless the places that sell draft beer continue to proliferate and you see them just about everywhere you go.