Hotel Rauf

This is a series of self-portraits in Sharm El-Sheikh where I decided to stay for three winter months. This Egyptian resort town was devastated by the downing of a Russian passenger plane by a bomb in 2015, Russia and Britain have halted all flights with Egypt since then and Sharm El Sheikh the pearl of the Red Sea has become a ghost town.

A month later in one of the hotels I got a hernia by saving a man who vacuumed the ceiling. He was about to fаll.

This is a story about how I lived in Egypt and counted the days before departure. I was forced to do nothing because nothing can be done and nothing can be raised and I couldn’t afford an  operation here because it costed 3500 dollars, and this is almost 50 times more expensive than for Egyptian.

I didn’t have that kind of money. My insurance didn’t cover this case. I had to wait for the return flight to Moscow where I could get medical aid for free.

How long can you live and be afraid? How long  can you look at fish? Nothing more is interesting. Once I  caught a cold, I have been sick for several weeks and I was afraid to cough, do not lift weights and do not cough that’s what the doctors usually  say if you have a hernia.

I do not know if I can call it a vacation, I have just been counting down days before departure to home.

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